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We're fortunate enough to be able to travel in our motorhome approximately 6-months of the year, mostly in the spring and fall.  We use this web space to share our experiences and photos with our friends and family. 

Rich & Donna's Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining

Like most people we like to eat out from time to time and when we do we like really casual, unpretentious places.  Over the years we've developed a list of rules for choosing a place to eat.  Therefore, with apologies to Letterman and Jeff Foxworthy:  A restaurant might be too fancy for us if...

10:  The water glasses have stems

9:  The table has an actual tablecloth (a laminated table top with a red and white checkerboard pattern is best)

8:  The napkins are made from cloth

7:  The menus do not have pictures of the food

6:  The ketchup and mustard are not in plastic squeeze bottles

5:  The food is served on square plates

4:  The word 'Restaurant' is spelled with an 'e" at the end.

3:  Something other than country music is playing on the jukebox. 

2:  There is no sign on the door saying 'No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service'

And the most important rule:  A restaurant is way too fancy for us if ...the wait staff is dressed better than us.

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Have You Seen This Man?  

This is Tom Karambelas.  He's approximately 6-feet tall and weighs approximately 180-pounds.  He went missing from his St. Charles, Il home in December 2011 and has not been heard from since.  Prior to his disappearance he mentioned to his parents that he was contemplating a trip to the Florida Keys.  He also mentioned to friends that he needed to get away for awhile.  The day after his disappearance his vehicle was found at his place of business.  

If you've seen Tom please contact Detective Steven Collins at the Kane County (Illinois) Sheriff's Office at 630-208-2037 or collinssteven@co.kane.il.us.



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Begal Tigers at the Pima County Fair
Tucson, AZ

Commemerative Air Force Museum
Mesa, AZ

Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument
Silver City, NM

2012 Pink Jeep Tour
Sedona, AZ

City of Rocks State Park
Hurley, NM

Arizona Science Center
Watch Me Ride A Balance Bike

The Catwalk

The Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditoroum




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